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Project Scope

Ecommerce website redesign. Existing site was built with a template. The platform the site was built also was not user friendly in the admin. Site looked dated and being a template had a cookie cutter look and functionality to many other sites.


Our Role

Conducted user research based off current google analytics. Consulted owners pain points and goals. Site journey mapping was conducted, then wireframes to high fidelity mock-ups. Prototype and useability testing.

Food Service Landing@1.5x
Food Service E-commerce
Product Detail Page
Product Detail Page


An ecommerce website that provides a lot of information about the products such as data sheets, specifications, etc. Provided a user interface that facilitate ease of finding this technical information. Most of the target ground was laptop and desktop so focus placed on those sizes.

" Frank's project management was excellent and he had no issue dealing with complex requirements. He has always focused on customer service requirements which he has always honoured. He has always been well prepared and organised. Design, usability and functionality is excellent. I highly recommend Frank Lauda Web Design & Development and praise his high quality service and outcomes."

Anthony - Iglu Cold Systems

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