Custom Websites

A business’s website is more often than not one of their most important marketing tools. It’s like having a shopfront open 24/7. I strive not just to build you a great website, but to build one that leaves a great impression on your potential customers.

I tailor the design around your logo and brand to ensure your website is consistent with the rest of your brand. I also tailor the design around your product or service and ensure the design appeals to your target market.

The designs are user friendly, providing your website visitors simple navigation around your website.

Find out more about my custom build website process.


E-commerce Websites

Want to take your product or service online? I design and build e-commerce sites that allow visitors to purchase your product or service online.

It’s a cost effective way to sell products as there are a few overheads and you are reaching a potentially much larger audience. Plus, your shop is open for business 24/7!

Search Engine Optimisation

Did you know that the first ranked site in a google search get an average click though rate of 36.4%, the second ranked site gets 12.5% while number three receives 9.5%.

So how do you get on the first page, or even in the first 3 rankings? You employ what’s called ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO) tactics! SEO involves optimizing a sites coding, presentation, and structure to a site or including unique content on pages – that allows a search engine to ‘index’ or easily find your information.

SEO involves a whole range of strategies such as meta and title tags, using image alt tags, links to other reputable sites, using keywords enough but not to much. The list goes on! You don’t need to know the detail just that if you want your website to be found, it’s worth investing in some SEO from an experienced SEO specialist.

Search Engine Optimisation
Print & Digital Design

Print & Digital Design

I have extensive experience doing graphic design weather it be print or digital, for a diverse range of industries. My design is not only creative and appealing to your target market, it’s also designed to be functional.

I can provide your business with a strong branding identity and ensure all your communication materials are consistent in there look and feel. I’ve designed logos, business cards, letterheads, promotion material, brochures and signage such as banners.

Content Managment

Don’t have any content? Don’t have time to write it? Don’t have images?

I can help you by providing copyrighting services, that are informative, engaging and SEO friendly.

If you don’t have images then I can organise a professional photographer, or can source stock imagery for you. If you have your own photos, it’s essential that they a good quality professional photos.

No matter how good your design poor quality photos will effect the look and professionalism of your website. In marketing it’s said “content is king” which I wholehearted agree with.

Content Managment
Google Adwords

Google Ads (PPC)

Google ads, formally Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) service offered by Google. This is a very powerful marketing tool that helps you get on the top of searches for your targeted keywords.

It works as is says, when your ad gets an impression, and some click on your ad to go to your website, you pay for that click. Google has a handy tool that compares what your competitor are spending, and you can gauge your daily spending limit on that.

So I can help you set up that up and a google business account if you don’t already have one. Which is also essential to have for local searches.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and cost effective way of communicating with your customers. Done professionally and regularly, it can create rapport with your customs and encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

I can design and create custom email templates that reflect your website and your overall branding. You can use these templates to create your own email campaigns. My email software of choice is MailChimp. But I have also used Infusionsoft and Campaign Monitor, and HTML emails.

Email Marekting
Web Hosting

Web Hosting

With out going into to much detail, if you have a website, you will need to have it hosted on a server to enable people to access your website through the internet. If you already have exsisting hosting I can work with your current company. With web hosting you want a server to be secure, fast and reliable. I use a service that specialise in fast WordPress hosting.

All websites include WordPress CMS and blogging platform. Unless you have limited online competition I recommend you also consider adding Google AdWords and or an SEO package to help get on the first page for your targeted keywords.